Addiction Foods produces the finest-quality dry food and treats under private label. We are proud to call New Zealand home where the highest food safety standards, free-range meats and organic produce combine to offer the ideal pantry of the purest ingredients. Addiction’s private label service is the premier choice for brands pursuing the global marketplace.


Committed to making the world’s finest pet food, we use state of the art equipment to produce grain-free, all natural dog and cat foods with the industry’s highest levels of fresh meat.


With our private label services your brand will have a distinct advantage – with access to key markets such as China. Pet food made in New Zealand not only offers simplified market penetration due to bi-lateral  trade agreements, Addiction’s team specializes in global exports.



Addiction Pet Foods has a long and proud history of producing top quality pet nourishment free from harmful additives and made with free-range protein. Addiction is a trustworthy pet food manufacturer with awards from numerous pet food authorities, and annually approved by Whole Dog Journal.


Proudly family owned, our dedicated facility in New Zealand represents the very best in manufacturing standards. Operating in the Western Bay of Plenty where it is home to lush vegetation and pristine lakes, the pet food we produce is a reflection of its pure source.


When you choose Addiction as your manufacturing partner, you are choosing a partner with a high level of production standards. Our team is dedicated to the success of your brand from start to finish.


Innovation & Advancement

One of only a few manufacturers that can include high levels of fresh meat injection.



Only natural and wholesome foods with no compromise on quality

Nourishing Bonds

Nourishing Bonds

Unique flavors that help create special experiences between pets and their owners

Nourishing Bonds

Protecting the Environment

Responsibly sourced, we only use ingredients that help to conserve the environment

Interested in partnering for upcoming markets? Break into China’s US$25 Billion Pet Food Market. Start here: Get Whitepaper.


At Addiction Foods Private Label, our passion to produce high-quality premium nutrition for the world’s ever-growing pet food market is a continued commitment that is shared with all our partners.

Private Label Pet Food Manufacturing v. Contract Manufacturing

Do you know the difference between private label manufacturing and contract manufacturing? Find out what they are before getting into the private label business. It would definitely help you decide which will work best for you.  The difference  Private label manufacturing, whatever it is that’s being manufactured (in this case—pet food), is when a company manufactures products but are sold under...

Adding Taurine to Your Private Label Pet Food

The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) identified 16 dog food brands linked to dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs. The dogs were found to have taurine deficiency because of their dog food diet. Under scrutiny are those claiming their products are grain-free. If you’re getting into the private label pet food business, it’s best to know what ingredients get into the pet food you will put your...

E-commerce, a Growing Channel for Private Label Pet Food

E-commerce has evolved from your basic online shopping in the 80s. We now have online marketplaces, online auctions, pretail, and financial exchanges for currency exchange and trade purposes. Following suit from big brands that have online stores, many small- and medium-size businesses have set up their own online stores, contributing to the growth of e-commerce as a channel to market and sell...

Private Label’s Edge: Customization

If there’s one thing private labels can do which national brands might not be willing to, it’s brand customization. Why? Because it would prove to be costly for the big players to do so. Whereas, private labels can manage that without breaking the bank. Customization serves a small market When it comes to private labels, customization serves a need of a small market. National brands do not...

The Rise of Private Labels in China

For a time, Chinese products were not popular at all as they were seen as inferior products compared to their imported counterparts by the local market. This has changed. Consumers are now noticing that Chinese products are becoming on a par with imported ones. Once upon a time in China More than a decade ago, the words “Made in China” were frowned upon. It connoted cheaply produced products...
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