Choosing the right partner to bring your private label to greater heights and new markets is a pivotal decision that you need to make, to ensure that you get the most out of any partnership.  

Whether you are looking to produce dry kibble or indulgent treats for cats and dogs, Addiction Foods Private Label offers a complete solution to your manufacturing needs: from ideation to production, storage to exportation, our team of specialists assists you every step of the way in successfully launching your desired pet food formula in key markets across the globe. 



Sound account management 


The pet food industry is a rapidly growing market, but with the combination of Addiction Foods’ leadership in the premium pet food space and the international links it has fostered through the years, Addiction Foods is able to help you unlock new innovations and trends in the pet food industry. 

When you partner with Addiction, trust that you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager who will work to determine your requirements to help create your market-winning product. This means personalized management of your private label from start to finish.



Addiction Foods also offers customized manufacturing services ranging from research and development, consumer insights, and nutritional consulting, to raw materials sourcing, product manufacturing, private labeling and packaging services to brand owners and distributors as well as supermarkets and retail chains.  

What makes it stand out, however, is Addiction Foods’ ability to service and export to the world’s fastest growing markets, including China and Singapore – a feat that very few in the industry can currently do. 


The AFPL Process 


At Addiction, we partner with you to design, produce, pack and export premium quality pet food to the world’s fastest growing markets.   

Using your idea for a new pet food product, our specialists will walk you through every step of the way to create your ideal recipe and give you only the best quality products through Addiction Foods’ open pantry of over 200 responsibly-sourced ingredients. 

The AFPL private label process consists of three phases: 1) Product concept; 2) Packaging development; and, 3) Shipping and logistics. In each phase, Addiction Foods will guide you, together with our team of specialists, to give you peace of mind knowing your brand is in the hands of a world-class manufacturer. 


Topnotch pet food production 


Here are 5 reasons why you should partner with Addiction Foods Private Label: 


1. Family-run facility in New Zealand, one of the world’s most pristine countries

Addiction Foods chose New Zealand as the prime environment to source raw materials for the purest pet food, since it is one of only four countries graded ‘A’ by the World Animal Protection Index for humane treatment of animals. This provides your private label brand with an ideal pantry of over 200 prime ingredients to choose from.   


2. Most technologically-advanced and largest dry pet food manufacturing facility in New Zealand

Addiction Foods is committed to making one of the finest pet foods in the world, using state-of-the-art equipment to produce grain-free, all-natural dog and cat foods using the industry’s highest grade of fresh meat proteins.   


3. Only the finest New Zealand-sourced ingredients go into each recipe

Addiction Foods uses only ethically-sourced, cage-free, wild or free-range meats that are not subject to growth hormones or steroids. This means your private label is ensured of their premium quality, with unique consumer propositions to build your own global brand.  


4. Operates under one of the most rigorous quality assurance programs in the world

The Addiction manufacturing plant in New Zealand follows the best practices and safety operational programs for pet food manufacturing, such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), which help keep its control of food safety in focus.  



5. Product integrity and food safety have always been Addiction’s top priority

With real-time testing protocol, Addiction Foods performs on-site verification of the nutritional properties of its foods as frequent as every 15 minutes. It’s an ambitious step that requires more time and resources, but it is an integral part of our ongoing commitment to producing premium pet food that meets the highest quality and safety standards of the most discerning markets – a commitment that’s shared with you when you produce your premium private label with us. 


In the end, choosing the right partner to develop your private label is the first important step to jumpstart your venture into pet food production.   

At Addiction Foods, our commitment to producing premium quality pet food is our foremost passion, which translates into exceptional, award-winning products suitable for pets across all life stages.  


Discover what Addiction Foods Private Label can do for you. 

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