You might already have heard how difficult it is for a private label to penetrate the pet food market in China. For one, the red tape one has to go through is already discouraging. But here are some tips to help your private label break into the China market. 

Tip #1: Find the right strategic partner 

You have to scour the Chinese pet food industry to find THE ONE. They must be experts that know the Chinese market like the back of their hand. As such, facilitating the registration process and compliance will be easier for your private label. More than that, you get market insights so you can create the right marketing strategies for your target market.  

Tip #2: Formulations must be MARA and AQSIQ compliant 

Intense regulations and processes are already in place since 2018. They are being rigidly implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) and the Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ). Make sure that your formulations for your private label pet food get their approval, making your product compliant. 

Tip #3: Know your distribution channels 

You have two options: offline channel, meaning the traditional way of exporting to China; and online channel, using e-commerce as a means. If you opt for an offline channel, MARA product registration is required. For online channel as an option, cross border e-commerce does not need MARA product registration; only domestic products are required to have MARA product registration. 

Tip #4: Develop a Chinese name for your PL brand 

You have to localize your private label pet food brand. It’s more than just directly translating the name of your brand. You have to transliterate it, meaning, rely on images and metaphors, as well as benefit-driven language or wording. Check this article for more insight on localizing your brand name. 

That being said, you have to localize your marketing strategies and tailor-fit it for the China market. That means, not only does your private label brand take on a Chinese name, but all your marketing communications should follow suit. 

Tip #5: Have a Chinese website or webpage 

Relative to Tip #4, having a Chinese website or webpage for your private label product is very helpful. Chinese preferences are far different from Western ones. Chinese consumers digest a lot of information, pictures, and animations. They really like to learn about what the product is, what its benefits are, what can it do and all those things… and they love it done in pictures and animations.  

With these five tips, your private label will be off to a good start. Of course, Tip #1 is the best way to begin. Having said that, why not partner with us? Find out how Addiction Foods Private Label can help your private label break into the China marketStart your journey now! 

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