As the US FDA continues to investigate the link between grain-free dog food diet and DCM or dilated cardiomyopathy, many pet food businesses are thinking of improving their respective pet food products, or even coming up with a new one that will address the matter.  

But first, let’s backtrack and see what has transpired so far.  


  • Between January 2014 and April 30, 2019, the FDA has received 524 reports of DCM irregularly 
  • FDA issued its first public alert in July 2018. Because some of the reports involved more than one affected animal from the same household, it is believed that there’s more than 524 affected 
  • FDA issued its second public alert in February 2019 providing additional cases and describing its investigation 
  • At this time, FDA reached out to various stakeholders in the animal health industry to help fill any knowledge gaps in its investigation into DCM and certain diets 
  • FDA issued its third public alert this June 2019, identifying the pet food brands frequently mentioned in the reports they have received 

The said reports were unusual as the disease is occurring in breeds not generally predisposed to DCM. It was also found out that high levels of legumes or potatoes were found in diets labeled “grain-free”. It is not yet known though how these ingredients are linked to DCM.²  

What the scientists say 

According to Petfood Industry (, three scientists unanimously answered “yes” to a question from one audience member: “Should pet food formulators supplement dog foods with taurine to avoid concerns over dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)?”³  The said article has also said that “grain-free pet food formulations may benefit from a taurine boost.” 

So just to be on the prudent side, it makes good sense that your private label pet food should have the amino acid taurine. Ask your private label manufacturer to include it in your pet food formula. Or consult with your private label’s food technologists and nutritionists on what’s the right level of taurine needed in the formulation of your private label pet food. 

The right private label partner  

With access to its vast panty of raw materials, Addiction Foods Private Label is the right private label partner to help you formulate that recipe fortified with taurine and other amino acids for your own private label pet food. It also has a complete solution for your pet food production ranging from research and development, to raw materials sourcing, product manufacturing, and packaging services to distribution for target markets’ supermarket and retail chains.  

Operating its own dedicated manufacturing facility in New Zealand, Addiction Foods Private Label follows a strict Code of Conduct that more than meets the highest standards for food safety. Following a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) program by New Zealand’s food and safety authorities, for Addiction Foods, product integrity and food safety have always been a top priority.  

Having your private label pet food contain the much-needed nutrients like taurine is one way to address DCM. Start your journey with Addiction Foods and see how we can help your private label be relevant to your market, health-wise. 




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