As a private label owner, finding the right source of ingredients for your premium pet food matters. And New Zealand being a source for some of the manufacturers and private labels should grab your full attention. Especially when the country is still among the top in the Animal Protection Index. 

What is API 

The API ranking of New Zealand is important as this impacts the meat sources of your premium pet food. API is a project of World Animal Protection, ranking 50 countries on their policy and legislation for animals, identifying needed improvements to protect both animals and people.[1] 

Since it started in 2014, New Zealand ranked A, along with countries Austria, Switzerland, and United Kingdom. One article even says that NZ is “a leader in animal welfare receiving an overall A grade.”[2] This means that NZ has created a sustainable environment where “animal welfare is at the heart of the policies, legislation and behaviors of the people responsible for the lives of animals.”[3]  

Humane treatment 

This can only mean that cattle in NZ are well taken care of. From beef to lamb and the like, expect that they were all ethically raised cage-free or free range and grass-fed. They are all humanely treated. For example, NZ is now requiring pain relief for de-horning and disbudding.[4] NZ has strict requirements when it comes to growing and harvesting livestock 

Now that’s putting premium animal protein sources in your private label pet food. And that’s just meat. Don’t forget that NZ is blessed by nature with lush vegetation where other ingredients for your premium pet food can be sourced. 

Verdant valleys and thick forests 

Other natural sources such as plant-based proteins can be found in the verdant valleys and thick forests of New Zealand. Fruits, herbs, and vegetables are grown naturally and these can also be part of your premium pet food ingredients. From apples to berries, basil to rosemary, pumpkins to sweet potatoes, New Zealand is blessed with these and more. 

It’s no wonder you find pet food products flaunting a “Made in New Zealand” blurb on their labels. New Zealand is indeed the ideal place to produce pet food! That’s why Addiction Foods Private Label has its manufacturing facility in NZ. We have access to nature’s pantry in the cleanest place on earth.  

Partner with us and discover how Addiction Foods Private Label can help you and your private label pet food reach its full potential. Start your journey now! 

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