Deciding to get into the private label industry is one big undertaking. Another is coming up with an efficient roadmap to market your own private label. What will work for you? The following tips might just help you and your private label launch above expectations.

Tip 1: Build your brand

Knowing your competition is half the battle, so it pays to do your research about the competition and use their weaknesses in building your brand. When building your brand, never sell yourself short. Consumers are wary of products that are priced cheaply. That said, never compete on price point. Differentiate your brand by making it an experience. A classic example of brand experience is Coca-Cola’s #shareacoke campaign. The product was personalized by having the names emblazoned on the bottle itself. and customers loved that. Make it a personal experience for your target market but not on a grand scale as Coca-Cola’s. Take note that by doing so, you’re already promoting brand loyalty for your private label.

Tip 2: Maintain an online presence

Bringing your private label products online is a practical way to not break the bank. Aside from having your own website or e-commerce platform, you should make your products available online. Bring your private label on Amazon. Sell it on eBay. Have a social media page for your private label, if it calls for it; Facebook has a Marketplace feature. Bottom line: be seen online.

Tip 3: Market locally

If you have a brick-and-mortar, pepper your walls with posters of your private label. Flyers and leaflets on the counter will also help. Your staff should also push for your products. If you only sell online, place ads on relevant websites and social media. Online advertising is usually localized and targeted so it’s more affordable and efficient. Participate in local expos and tradeshows where you can do some product sampling. These efforts will help you build your database so that you can send product offers and promos via email to your target market.

Tip 4: Influencer marketing

Tap local bloggers when you market locally. One thing you can do is have a small gathering for local bloggers where you can have them sample your private label. Get them to blog about your private label, in a way, it’s like they are endorsing your products to their online followers. You can do this if you’re very confident about how good your private label product is. Otherwise, negative feedback will have a bad effect on your private label.

Tip 5: Encourage online feedback

If you have online orders, encourage feedback from your market. A starred review does miracles for products. Make sure that you are responsive to the feedback you get online, whether it’s positive, negative or neutral. The point here is engagement. When you market senses that you’re there for them, you’re generating brand loyalty.

These are just tips coming from us. Research further and see what will work for you and your private label.

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