When it comes to natural, pure, and nutritious ingredients for your private label pet food, there’s one country that can provide all those and more—New Zealand. Find out the reasons why we have settled in NZ to make our pet food for your private label. 

Best environment  

You’ve got clean air, verdant valleys, and forests where you can find animals grazing from nature’s bounty. New Zealand is one of the world’s best environment to source and produce nutritious and healthy pet food. NZ never left the top 20 Environmental Performance Index and was even No. 1 when EPI was launched. This means that the country’s environment and ecosystem are healthy enough to sustain, among others, its agriculture, horticulture, fishing, and forestry industries.  


New Zealand boasts of a disease-free status for its cattle. Having a clean environment to begin with, the country maintains a disease-free status. All the meats are free from diseases like foot-and-mouth diseaseBiosecurity New Zealand ensures that FMD and other diseases are kept off the country.  

Rated “A” in the Animal Protection Index 

This means that New Zealand has legislated rules and regulations to protect the welfare of animals. This means growing, harvesting, and even slaughtering of animals have to be done ethically and humanely. Because the welfare of animals comes first, you can expect that they come from cage-free and free-range farms, grown and cared for responsibly and naturally. 

Eco-friendly meats 

Related to being Rated “A”, New Zealand meats are eco-friendly. This means that the country values the ecosystem’s sustainability that lamb, beef, pork, salmon, turkey, chicken, and other meats are harvested carefully. You can use all these meats for your private label pet food without feeling guilty that you’re harming the environment. 

A “utopia” for making pet food 

For Addiction Private Label, having a plant in New Zealand makes every pet food we manufacture close to nature—from the choice ingredients we use, be they fruits, vegetables, and herbs; to its protein content, be they plant- or animal-based. You get a finished product that’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients sourced from one of the purest and cleanest places on earth.  

With a private label pet food product having “made in New Zealand” on its packaging, half the sales battle is already won. It’s basically selling itself. Consumers get excited that they will be getting the best of what New Zealand has to offer. That they will be giving the best pet food packed with New Zealand goodness to their pets. 

Partner with us and discover how Addiction Foods Private Label can help you and your private label pet food. Start your journey now! 

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